Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Can You make a living by Treasure Hunting?

This is a question I am asked more times than I can remember. The answer depends on who you are and how you go about doing things.

There are two major types of people who ask this question.

1) The Rouge-The people who live by the saying "No guts no Glory"

2) The Seeker- People with normal lives and jobs but they seek something more.

The Rouge

If you have not figured out I would be classified as a Rouge. When I jumped into treasure hunting, I burned all bridges and immersed myself into to the world of a treasure hunter. There was no turning back and I paid a huge price for that. 10 or more years of heartbreak, frustration and pain. Some Rouges do not make it,they end up dead in the desert or starve to death. I was one of the lucky ones.

I was having a conversation with a soon to be Rouge a few months ago. I can spot Rouges from miles away.When he asked me the question if he could succeed in in becoming a treasure hunter I said to him

"You can succeed at almost anything in life if you are willing to pay the price.

The price is heavy on this one. But I know it can be done.

The people who are willing to pay the price are doing it. They will make it happen. Yes there are people doing it. They paid their dues for years.

As costly as the price is- the ones that have made it- believe it is who they are. They are treasure hunters and no amount of logic will stop them. The real world and what people think and say is meaningless to them.

The ones that give up were not willing to pay the price.

I would not recommend this lifestyle to anyone. But that will not stop the ones that are willing and know who they are."

He understood the message. God help him.

The Seeker

The Seeker is for all practical purposes a normal person with a normal life. But within their normal lives they have a dream and a quest. They are more grounded than the Rouge and often have families that depend on them. They have the same dream as the Rouge but cannot take the radical steps like the Rouge. They are also smarter than the Rouges and their path is an easier one.

To the Seekers I say "Keep your job and Subscribe to this free blog, I will show you how in 2-3 years you will be able to quit your job and treasure hunt full time."

Bold claim, perhaps but I am not selling anything. You will have to do the work. But it is an easier path than the Rouges.

To the Rouges: Go to it, seize the day!


Clay said...

I have been reading threw your blog and have been enjoying it. You should place some adds and afiliate some products to help you make a living, unless you are making enough.
I am going to try and link from my Blog,
Keep up the good work and enjoy your summer Vacation.

Mezzany said...

Today, I don't thing that you can live only with metal detecting.

My Blog; http://mezzanyatpoint.blogspot.com/

Mezzany said...

Let me tell my whole story. When I lived in Puerto Rico, I used to live of metal detecting in the beach. Because I was un employed, I was living close to the beach and every morning I went to find coins. I used to collect between $10 to $20 in couple hours plus the gold ring I could find. I paid some bills only.

Anonymous said...

FYI it is Rogue not Rouge. Rouge is a color.

epicurus7 said...

what a plonker,pulling you up on typo,great read and I'll give it a go,i'm 52 and have nothing to lose,already lost all,so just to do something I always wanted to is a bonus right there.

terry holleran. Edinburgh.

mezzany said...

What you mean?

rossco-rules@hotmail.com said...

I WANNA BE A TREASURE HUNTER, Im only 15 but i will be taken seriously, obviously not till i finish school, but i have no money,

please anyone with any advice, email me or add me on msn,


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Alexander. I have been interested in treasure hunting ever since I was a boy and now after years of survival training and endurance training I feel I am ready. I want to go for my dreams. If there is anyone who hires treasure hunters/adventurers you can contact me at Arcus@live.com. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hello I am very intersted in becoming a treated hunter (rogue) I am 18 and would love for some more information on how i would go about becoming a rogue. Thank you

Anonymous said...

I just have one Question.
Me and my best friend are willing to become Rogue Treasure hunters. Just want to Run away from the past and start a New life. It's almost saying "The Two of us against the World"
I want to know what Price did you pay, the Amount and Who did you pay it to. Do you have to have permission with the Law to become a Treasure Hunter?
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

my name is rhys, 17 almost 18 and i would love and dream of becoming a treasure hunter. i cant stand working or even going to school 9-5 daily i want something different something fun trilling scary, i know it would be work and hard work at that but i would love to. email me rhys_jones123@hotmail.com

Devoted Newbie said...

I commented on another post about Marco polo and that Is my final goal my first goal is the "Paxton boys" in short they buried a bunch of gold on there farm near where I live and I'd like some help on findding it I live in Dauphin conty in PA in the USA if you could please e-mail me theotherdimension333@gmail.com (Don't ask about my email it's a long short story)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys I guess I'm a seeker lol anyway how do you subscribe to this blog.?.. as you can see I'm new to blogs as well. I'm 26years old from new york looking to get into treasure hunting. My father was a treasure hunter who traveled around the world but settled down when he had kids. I want to learn as much as I can, start small and eventually go for the mother load. You can contact me at juncite@gmail.com looking forward to your emails.

Anonymous said...

I have been hunting for old and rare gold coins in the mountains and caves of South Africa for a couple of years now. You get into a cave and find plenty of old caves with different coins of gold and silver. People die while trying to get that money out of there. Any ghost busters out there who can chase the ghost away? I'm talking about countless of coins. My facebook account is Zane Shengelekati.

Anonymous said...

For all of you out there, whom want to start a diferent way of making a living by becoming treasure hunters, I just going to said that you all need to know how to control the gnomes guardians of treasures. Which are puerile, spiritual beings. And by the way I am going to start that activity hopefully next month, in MEXICO.

Ravikiran Amalapuram said...

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Anonymous said...

Finally I'm am in the same situation as you I'm a fifteen looking for a life with adventure and excitement but no one takes me seriously if you know anything plz help

Txt me at 781 570 6112 we could talk and swap iideas

readyforwealth said...

Hi - I can't seem to find any new posts to your blog, and so was wondering...
Are you still blogging?
Are you still Treasure Hunting?
My boyfriend and I are ready to "go for it" completely, and I was just doing some research to get us started when I found your blog. Sure would like to hear more from you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't think he is as his last post was in 2007

Anonymous said...

I young teen who's dream is to become a truesure hunter but all the negative I see is almost to much

Bleu said...

Hello I'm bleu and I'm from new York and I luv reading pirate books since I was a kid. I'm also 26 years old and I've always wanted to become a treasure hunter and being in a library to study artifacts but it was hard to find a job so I can help my family to start a new life. U can contact me at studio_gss@yahoo.com or my number 1-347-993-2712