Friday, August 03, 2007

Some Rogue Thoughts...

I hate careless Rogues. I imagine because I used to be one. You can't tell Rogues anything.

A month or so ago I saw a post on treasurenet. It caught my eye because it was asking about a subject I am an expert on.

After posting a map for them and questioning the poster, I knew what they had in mind. I freaked out and deleted parts of my post. I replied I would not talk about the subject on a public forum and that they needed to email me.

This person had some research (that was highly questionable) and some GPS coordinates for a large treasure ( heard that before). Well based on the subject of the treasure tale, I knew the story was phony. That did not bother me. What bothered me was that it was in a highly dangerous area.

In the past I have tried to recruit experienced treasure hunters with desert experience to go there on a adventure that could have been highly profitable. I could find no one willing to go with me. These were the best of the best desert rats that I knew of. They knew the danger was real and were not willing to risk it.

So here I had and still have a lead with an unimaginable payoff but no one to go with me. I am smart enough to not try this alone with the danger element.

So anyway I try to convince this poster of the real danger. The person is just graduating from a Northern College and is wanting to go to the most dangerous area of the Arizona desert.

I try to tell them of the real danger. I even offer to pay for the adventure and furnish everything that they might need and offer to go to the area myself to make sure this person makes it out alive.

Instead of doing the smart thing and counting their lucky stars that they have found someone who know what they are doing, this person gets sarcastic with me.

What do I do? I blow them off, knowing that if they do make this trip they will likely not make it out alive. I also withheld some crucial information that they needed in the highly unlikely chance they make it out alive.

So, If they do make it out of the danger area they will loose any treasure they find to the government. But I am not real worried about their trove getting eaten by Uncle Sam. Why because the treasure does not exist, and even if it did exist it is under several tons of rock that this person does not have any way to move to get to the treasure.

You can't help some people.

Why have I not been updating lately?

I have not been writing to this blog lately. There is a few reasons.

First I needed a long rest.

Second I have set up my "for fun "treasure project with a limited ($300) budget and I am waiting for the right timing to do my project. More on that when it is implemented.

Third, I had months of emails and PM's to answer from treasure hunters in the USA and all over the world. When people figured out I was back I was (and still am) flooded with emails.

Fourth I am setting up one of the largest Expeditions I have ever conceived. This is actually to your benefit. Because I am arranging a satellite Internet connection in my base of operations in Central America.

I will now be able to communicate all year long. Although there are certain things I will not communicate with anyone about my adventures, the readers of this blog will know more about what is going on with my expedition in Central America than anyone.

Finally, I had to come to some understandings within myself about what this blog is about and what I wanted to accomplish with it.

Now I have some things on my mind that I have got to get out... which brings me to my next post, that I am going to write now without delay

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome back to my world. The treasure is in the search...

I have so much to tell. As you understand my treasure season is coming to an end.

I have explained I do treasure recovery in the winter. I like recovering targets when it is wet cold and uncomfortable outside,

So now I have some much needed time to be on my 5 or 6 months of vacation when it is hot outside.

I have much to share with all of you Rouges out there.

But first of all I promised you that I would show you how easy it is to plan and finance a fun treasure project.

Now that I am not busy with my projects I will take you through the steps.

This weekend I will fund my project with out using any of my money in the bank.

Within 3 weeks I will activate my low budget treasure project.

Then I will post the results, good or bad.

But there really is no bad because I will cover my expenses and have a blast in the great outdoors. I will see new things and meet new people.

I will show you how I raised the cash and planned the project.

Also as time goes on I will share some helpful things if you are looking for Civil War relics or artifacts. I discovered some new ideas and cannot wait to share them with you.

I will have more time to post here, well until next winter, then I will be off again recovering my treasures.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why do I treasure hunt in the winter?

Some of you have noticed that my posts here have slowed down. It is not because I do not love you or enjoy sharing ideas. It is because winter is when my world kicks into high gear.

Most people only treasure hunt in the spring and the summer. I avoid these times because many reasons. For one thing the snakes are in hibernation and there are no chiggers and ticks outside. But my main reason for winter treasure hunting is to avoid people.

The less people who know about what I am doing the better. Other people are your greatest danger. To avoid this I go out when it is cold and uncomfortable. Most other people are warm and cozy inside and they stay there.

I realize at one point I am going to have to tackle the uneasy subject of treasure hunting ethics. But for now just realize you are safer if less people know what you are doing. It makes them less likely to rob or kill you if you make a large recovery. It also avoids other problems but that will have to be covered later.

Enjoy yourself. My little for "fun" project might begin soon if the timing and weather are on my side. I will update you on my progress after the fact.

I am very busy with my other treasure hunting projects and they need to take priority. But I will attempt to update this site more often.

Go get you some treasure!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Use Flea Markets to get relic leads.

Use Flea Markets and Junk Shops to expand your relic leads. Here in the south there are tons of junk shops and swap meets just outside of small towns.

One day I found one that had civil war bullets and a cannon ball. Using my people skills I bought the bullets and then found out where they found them. It was on a lake on Private Property that a man charged people to fish on the lake.

By being nice and overpaying for a few bullets, I found the source for hundreds of bullets and relics. The owner was happy to take my money for my fishing for relics. Later he bought a detector and would hunt with me.

Always be friendly and ask questions at swap meets and junk shops about any neat relics you find.

This tip has made me thousands of dollars.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

If Today was not the day...Well there is always Tomorrow .

It can be such a emotional roller coaster being a treasure hunter. Everyone remembers Mel Fishers famous words "Today is the day!" Upon hearing them we often forget he said it every day for over 10 years. Even after loosing his son and his son's wife, he somehow kept going.

We all know the vision and enthusiasm is necessary to see a project through. It is easy to get frustrated when things don't go our way. It seems that things always take longer than we think. Unexpected obstacle's get in our way in our search for the ultimate rewards.

It took me over 10 years of struggle to get to where I can call my own shots in this business. Looking back I sometimes wounder if it was worth all the price that I paid. My best guess is that it was not, but I know all that I experienced shaped who I am now. So I will accept my choices, regrets and mistakes and wear them with honor.

I am still amazed I came out alive. My goal with this blog is to reach out to those of you who have dreams. It is my hope I can make you path easier than mine. When I really jumped into the world of treasure hunting the Internet was not what it is now. Exchanging information with others was really hard. It still is hard. There is more information out there than ever before. The downside is there is 300 times more crap up there.

There is plenty of websites for treasure hunting information now. But I still find there is more rocks than gems in the various forums and websites. It seems the full time treasure hunters world is closed to all that are not in the fraternity. It has always been that way and will likely be that way. Secrets are guarded closely by those that know the answers, at least to the "Outsiders". The ironic thing is that once you pay the price in this world, everything opens up and people freely share information. It is like they know one of their kind. I can spot a serious treasure hunter a mile away. We know where to find each other, it is kind of odd.

Do not think that just because someone has 2000 or more posts on a treasure forum, that they have a clue to what they are saying. There is so much bad advise out there it is sickening. However there is gems among the rocks on the forums. It will take a while to sort through what is bull and what is real.

You can assume if it is a Treasure lead or Legend that is is totally fake, unless you can verify the story. Do not go chasing rainbows. I will go into this later as I have time.

I would not advise doing full time treasure hunting to anyone unless you have a ton of cash (or rich friends) or sponsorship from a corporation. Yes, there are companies that will bankroll you on your adventure.

The only sane way to do this is by keeping your job and doing this part time until you can make the leap financially after you recover a few big ones. This will take a few years and some learning on you part.

This is what this site is about. I wish you success in treasure hunting. I can give the information, you must take the steps.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lets expand your Treasure Horizons

So many people think in terms of just using metal detectors in treasure hunting. Although the metal detector is important and should be mastered. The real secret key is research and understanding people, and the ability to network with other people.

Want to find a cache but do not have a clue where to look. In my little town, that I live in has a history book for its 100 year celebration. I went to the library when I moved here to read and study it. From this book I learned about when the town was founded and the events that took place when it was just a few people. I learned of the Civil War and what happened later on as the area formed into a community.

What did I learn about cache locations from studying a dusty book?

I learned when the first bank opened in the town. Any house that was built before the bank opened had a reason to cache money. There was no safe place to put it.

I learned what the great depression did to the local people. Any house that was around or built within 20 years after 1929 is a possible cache location because they no longer trusted banks.

I learned who the early politicians and moonshiners were. I learned about early sheriffs and merchants and all kinds of interesting things. All of these people had a reason to stash cash.

I could see photos of the early days of the town. There were family names and historical houses all in this book. It had early maps and social events. Some of the houses and streets still exist.

I can use the history as a reason to get to know the current owners. People love to talk about their stuff. Suddenly they are taking me through there houses and gabbing all about themselves and the house. Listen and look around. Think treasure but scan the house for clues about common interests that you might have with them. The idea is to create a friend.

I have more leads than I can handle. My town has about 3000 or so people.

Am I over simplifying things? Of course I am. Are there other techniques that people more shy than I am can use? You bet there is. But people skills are important in this game and you will find it easier to treasure hunt if you can be nice to people.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Lets raise a few hundred for your Treasure Project

I talked recently about a for fun project that I am going to do. I have a budget of $300. I can't use any of my own money or equipment. All money needs to be raised just for this project with no borrowing.

How will I do it? Well after I figure out what I want to do I can see about 4 ways that will easily get the moola rolling in. There are actually more ways that I will go into later.

For now figure out your budget and what you need. Then realize there are other ways to get what you need.

Check out This is a place where you can post what you need and give away what you don't need. There is no buying or selling, it is all about keeping stuff out of landfills and recycling. Join the group that covers your area. There is groups all around the world. Figure out your needs and post a wanted message. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don't but you might be surprised. Also watch what is offered and snap it up if you need the item. I have seen people get camping equipment, cars and yes metal detectors on this handy group.

You can also sell items on eBay(TM) and amazon(TM). This is an easy way to earn extra cash for items you no longer need.

Finally for now there is a yard sale. Two days might be all you need to raise a few hundred and get rid of what you do not need. Always place an ad in the papers and have tons of signs. Pay back the money you spend on the ads from what you make at the sale.

It is amazing how much stuff we have that we really do not need. Simplify your life.

I will keep you posted on how I raise the cash and start my for fun treasure adventure.

It will take a few weeks or so, but remember I can only do the for fun project on my spare time.

My current treasure projects must take priority. But when I launch the for fun project you will be updated on everything.